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Cast sharing

One of the biggest reasons for my interest in seeing Jumong was because many of the fine actors I loved in Emperor of the Sea were also casted in it. So just for the heck of it, I decided to make a list (with pictures). Perhaps anyone familiar with both titles and farther along than I can point out others, if any?

Song Il-Gook as Jumong and Yeom-jang

Of course the obvious one and everyone's favorite, Song Il-Gook (송일국) who starred as Jumong (주몽) and Yeom-moon (염문), who eventually became the historical Yeom-jang (염장)

Bae Soo-Bin as Sayong and Kim Yang

Bae Soo-Bin (배수빈) starred as the ambitious and deceitful Lord Kim Yang (김양) in EotS and became my favorite person in this series as beautifully quiet Sayong (사용)

Yeo Ho-Min as Oi and Baek-kyung

Yeo Ho-Min (여호민) was actually my favorite in EotS portraying the loyal pirate warrior Baek-kyung (백경) and again he befriends Song's character, this time as Oi (오이). In an interview I read, Yeo laughed about how many times he worked alongside both Song and Bae, likening them now to his older brothers ♥

Lee Jae-Yong as Budeukbul and Master Jo

Lee Jae-Yong (이재용) plays two men who seem to always look out for their own best interests, but still remain loyal, Royal Military Advisor Budeukbul (부득불) and Master Jo Jang-gil (조장길)

Choi Woon-Gyo as Doo-man

I was surprised to see Choi Woon-Gyo (최운교) appear in Jumong as King Keumwa's General Heukchi (흑치). He'd been in EotS as Master Jo's escort warrior, the ex-gladiator Doo-man (두만). I've found no images of Heukchi, so I snagged a screen capture of Choi as Doo-man

There are, of course, a lot of the same stuntmen and extras, but these are the primary actors that I've noted. Anyhow, enjoy!
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Oooo...I didn't know Master Jo and his guy were in it too. *is even more excited now*

Song Il-Gook and Yeo Ho-Min are both easily got a shave and one filled out and lost the last bits of baby softness. Bae Soo-Bin is almost unrecognizable, though.
I knew about Master Lee, but it was so funny seeing Doo-man appear all of a sudden - especially because he was always (again) alongside Lee's character. It struck me like an inside joke!

Yeah, the biggest difference with Song's characters is merely the expression, and Yeo just looks like a cleaned-up Baek-kyung. (LOL) Bae has just utterly amazed me, though, with his transformation. I really did like Kim Yang, but he was a harder character; I particularly found him attractive whenever he got angry and either used his domineering voice or yelled! Oooh ;) Although there were moments when - faced with accusations about his traitor grandfather - Kim Yang would get these "lost little boy" expressions that were endearing. But my word, Sayong is hauntingly beautiful! And so SILENT. It's hard to see Kim Yang in there. After this, I'm starting to really fall for Bae, too, and I may just have to look into some of his other works!
Heh, to me, Yum Moon was mostly the bad guy because he was loyal to the "wrong" side...I can easily see him as the good guy(esp. if he keeps the obsessive love thing)

What kind of character is Sayong? Between EotS and Hwang Jin Yi, I've started thinking that all the hot quite guys are bofyguards(it makes a girl want to borrow a time machine long enough to go back and snag one for herself.)
I never saw Yeom-moon as a bad guy. Yes, he was one of the antagonists of the show, but he was tragic, because he had such an unfair life being torn between people from totally different worlds. Of course he'd done bad things, but then again, haven't we all?

Song does manage to play "bad" and "good" guys well, and definitely has a handle on the romance aspect for either case. I mean, look how many fangirls adored Yeom-moon? And it's easy to see that Jumong will grow up, stop seducing shrine maidens, and fall in love. ;)

Sayong ... well, he hasn't really done anything yet. In fact, he hasn't even spoken a single word. o_O (I don't know if you saw my introduction post, but yeah, I'm watching this on AZN so I'm only at episode 5.) I thought when I saw photographs of him, he'd be much like my beloved Nalbal from Lee Soon-shin - the quiet bodyguard. But in fact, Sayong doesn't carry a sword and in the episode where there was fighting, he just stood there. I'm guessing he is more of a scholar and tactician. I'm anxious to see more of him, that's for sure!

Oh, absolutely, I agree! I would love a warrior to call my own! Not only are they good-looking and quite in shape, but they are also so romantic in that they are devoted, loyal and usually sensitive. *girlish sigh* I'm figuring on just marrying actor Lee Han-garl, because he's a modern day warrior AND plays them on TV!! XD ;D
Yum Moon's status as the villain is essentially a technicality...he as loyal to the man who raised him(I just completely forgot his many characters...) And, honestly, I've always wondered if things would have gone differently if Bogo had offered him a choice after learning he was a pirate, instead of flat out saying they had to be enemies. At that point, Yum Moon seemed to be almost as devoted to him as he was to Jung-Hwa(in completely different ways, of course, and some of the commitment to Bogo was for her) and Bogo didn't give him any options, just stated that they could only be enemies from that point onward, and Yum Moon HAD to hate him and treat him completely as an enemy if he wanted to stay alive, and the things he did were done originally out of loyalty to his master, andthen out of revenge for his death.

As far as fangirls go, Yum Moon was my favorite throughout the series, though Baek Kyung, Chae-Ryung and Jung-Hwa each gave him a run for his money at times.

As for Sayong not speaking...there seems to be a lot of that in the period dramas. (and movie Sword in the Moon, I spent about half the movie wondering if the rebel swordsman could speak...then the Leosil(?) in Musa where everyone thought he was mute...there's also Sad Eyes in The Duelist, but I think you said you haven't seen it.)

I think I've heard of Lee that the 200 or so episode one that(I think) stars the actor who played Bogo?

Also, the really hot warriors seem to always be the ones who DON'T get the's like their hotness is going to waste...

I haven't seen any of Jumong yet...I have no patience to wait and have to binge...I'll likely watch Dae Jang Geum/Jewel ofthe Palace and Seo Dong Yo/Ballad of Suhdong before I see Jumong, even though Jumong is the one I want to see the most out of the three(just for the cast...I've liked the actresses playing his wives in other things, too)
I wholeheartedly agree with you on Yeom-moon getting stuck with the label of villain. And I do think one of his tragedies was losing his only friend, Bo-go, when Bo-go realized he was a pirate and declared he'd make him his enemy from then on. It was unfair and unfortunate, because up to that point, Yeom-moon was willing to give up Jeong-hwa to his friend and kept saving Bo-go. I also admire Yeom-moon for his lifelong loyalty to Master Lee, who was for most part a father to him. With Yeom-moon it seems that he only turns bad when threatened, so it's more a defense mechanism than being a "bad guy".

I loved every character in EotS, actually, but favoritisms would go to Baek-kyung, Chang-gyum (Jeong-hwa's brother) and Commander Neung-chang. And Kim Yang. Really hard to pick here! ;)

Yeah, I get the impression that silence is synonymous with strength and tragedy in the Asian period pieces (in the USA, it seems to imply psychotic behaviour o_o). Probably why so many warriors in films remain silent, like in Musa and Sword in the Moon. I didn't see Duelist yet.

The Immortal Lee Soon-shin is the KBS historical about the Navy Admiral who turned the tides of the Seven Year War against Japan, set during the Choseon period. It was originally 104 episodes when it aired, but released to DVD as only 33 battle segments. Which is such a shame because the show was EXTRAORDINARY! Ah, no Choi Su-jong (Bo-go) is not in it at all. The leading actor is Kim Myung-min.

That's okay that the warriors never get the girls in the films. I'm a jealous little fangirl, actually! >;)
In the first leg, Yum Moon was(for lack of a better phrase) in full OTP rescue mode most of the time towards Bogo. He was, literally, the only friend he'd ever had. At that point, he could stand aside and help his friend be with the woman they both loved and try to hide his own feelings because of his devotion to them, but the moment Bogo said they were enemies, all he could do was turn the devotion to to. Hate could stand aside and support his friend, but not his enemy. On the one hand, Bogo was unfair to him, but Bogo only saw things in black and white, and that's a large part of what let him go as far as he did.

Neung-chang=Jami's captain? But yeah, I loved all those characters.

And yeah, I definately get that impression in regards to silence and asian dramas. The period ones at least.

Ah yes, that's what I'd heard about Lee Soon-shin, and why it's not really on my list.

I'm a jealous fangirl too, but I live for romantic scenes.
Yes, Neung-chang was Jami's man. And speaking of the Madam, I cannot believe I forgot to list her as one of my favorite characters! I absolutely loved her, which is strange considering I very RARELY like female characters - but she just totally bowled me over with her display of strength and cunning. And oh, how I cried for her at the end! I also liked Jeong-hwa because I could connect with her on a certain level, mostly her depression.

I'm also not a fan of romance media, so EotS definitely won every major prize for charming me into caring about aspects that I normally dislike (romance and enjoying female roles).

Even despite the major edit, I do recommend Lee Soon-shin be on everyone's watch list, especially those interested in Korean history. It's still one of the greatest stories of one of the greatest heroes ever told!
Madam Jami was awesome...I got a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach anytime someone crossed her.

I wanted to shake Jung-Hwa at times for her stubbornness in refusing to try to be happy even though it also made Yum Moon and Bogo unhappy, but I understood.

I want to see Lee Soon-Shin, but the fact that it's cut down to 1/3 the story worries me. I think I'll hold out and try to find the full thing.
Just wanted to give an update, but you can buy the entire, original 104 episodes of Lee Soon-shin now from KBS. It costs about $400, but it is available through the KBS Episodes on Demand shop.

Course, I have to wait until I can get it for less than 2/3s a paycheck...

But Jumong sets are coming out now, so that's good.
What's your icon from? I look at it and KNOW I should recognize it instantly, but...
Which icon? The "fighter" one in my main post is Baek-kyung. This blue one I keep using in my replies is of Nalbal from Lee Soon-shin (who again is actor Lee Han-garl).
ah. I recognized Baek-Kyung, it was the other in the replies...I guess it just looks familiar, as opposed to something i've seen.
Spotted another EotS actor in a major role: Seo Beom-Shik as Moogol in Jumong. If you noticed the air of an inside joke going on between Jumong, Oi and Moogol, it's because Seo played Tae-chun in EotS, the thug taken under Yeom-jang's wing and working alongside Baek-kyung through the end.