nat (moonangelkioku) wrote in jumong,

How great is he? *_*

Song Il-gook Voted TV Performer of the Year

The Broadcasting Producer Association of Korea announced Thursday that it had chosen Song Il-gook of “Jumong” as the best TV actor of the year for the 19th Korean Broadcasting Producers Award.

The Award has categories for the best producer, best program, best performer, experimental spirit, and best production. Last year the best TV performer award was shared by actor Kim Myung-min of “Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin” and actress Kim Sun-ah of “My Name is Kim Sam-soon.”

The award ceremony will be held at the KBS TV Public Hall on February 23rd and aired on February 28th at 4:30 p.m. on KBS 2TV.

-KBS Global
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Congratulations to Song! He definitely deserves it because he has an awesome screen presence and has clearly made his mark in the yeoksageuk world! Will anybody be able to watch the ceremonies when they're broadcasted?

I remember when Kim Myung-Min won for Lee Soon-Shin and it was very emotional! Song is following in some great footsteps because Kim was FANTASTIC in his role (although I had already adored him from the film Into the Mirror) ♥

Congrats to him! He totally deserves it.
Definitely deserves the award. This man is one phenomenal actor.

I've seen some pics of the ceremony - apparently SIG was unable to attend; his Mom accepted the award on his behalf.